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By Luke, Feb 14 2019 02:42PM

Lots of festival bookings coming in for this year! Going to be a great summer. We have Glastonbury Festival, Sunrise Festival and we are working under another company at Wilderness festival.

The unit is coming along nicely, much more space with our new facilities.

By guest, Dec 11 2018 11:26PM

We have been busy renovating another space to use as a workshop and storage area. Looking forward to having all the tools laid out and more floor space to keep all the heavy things on the floor rather than stacked up to the rafters!

Due to the age of the building, serious work is taking place to get the roof fit for use and the floor level. A ramp has been installed for ease of getting flightcases in and out on castors and a custom scaffold cable storage system is on the cards.

After some sanding and painting the oonly question will be how to lay it out. A guilty obsessive love of mine... lining up the flightcases...

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